Suzuki Philosophy

young girls having fun with celloOur Methods

An early beginning is encouraged.

Individual Lessons

The individual lesson is at the heart of the Suzuki Method. Group classes motivate students through shared experience, repertoire and friendship. Every student participates in both an individual lesson and a group class each week

Parental Involvement

Parents attend weekly lessons and become their child’s practice coach at home. No prior musical experience is needed.

Daily Listening

Through enriched daily listening in the child’s environment, musical pitch and form are learned naturally as a mother tongue.


Technical skills are divided into small manageable steps.


A building block approach to learning that includes substantial review and repetition is the organizing principle. Like a baby’s first words, progress begins slowly. Acceleration happens naturally when a confident foundation is in place.


Each individual child works to their own potential not in competition with another child.

Supportive Instruction

The approach is nurturing and supportive.

Training the ear

Music reading begins immediately but separately from learning to play the instrument. After ear training is established, reading skills merge with established aural skills and secure physical skills.


Natural, healthy and balanced playing posture is worked on at every lesson.

Supportive Community

Public group and solo performances of mastered pieces foster the student’s self-confidence and their sense of belonging to the larger musical community.

Parent Education

Every parent participates in the parent development class sometime during their first year in the program. Class times are TBA, and there is a separate fee for this class.