Getting Started With Cello Instruction


cello-student3-800pxNew parents interested in joining, need to be aware of the following details and requirements to get started with Valdine Mishkin’s cello lessons.


Read the Parent Education page.

Complete the Enrollment Form:

Please fill out the entire enrollment form here, before calling for observation.


Call Dr. Valdine Mishkin (cello lessons, music theory lessons), at 503 635 3742 to make an appointment to observe the program level of your choice. Observation by the student and parent of a lesson and group class or studio performance class is required prior to entering the program.

Transfer students:

Transfer students are welcome and should prepare a polished piece when meeting the teacher.

Late to the term:

If immediate space is available, a student may join mid-semester. If not, their name will be placed in a wait pool.

Regular listening:

Purchase the Revised Edition of the Suzuki Cello CD, and play it regularly in your student’s environment.


For children entering the Early Childhood Education Age 3-5 class, the teacher will assess the student’s readiness to handle a violin or cello. Instruments are not needed to begin this class. Appropriate care and handling of instruments is taught in all lessons.  Contact Christine Goodner for more information about enrolling in the Early Childhood Education age 3-5 class.


Good quality cellos sized correctly for children, can be rented from Caitlin Pugh Luthier at 503-944-9764 or David Kerr Violins (503-238-4515). For children under the age of 5, please do not rent or purchase the cello until it is “earned”.  This happens when the student can control their bodies and minds in group class and lessons, and willingly take direction from the teacher.  When this is achieved, the parent and student go together to be sized at the instrument shop.  Older students begin lessons with the cello already rented or purchased.

Recital with professional musician parents from my studio as the concerto “orchestra”