Missed Lessons Policy

For the teacher:

If the teacher becomes ill or cancels due to extenuating circumstances, a make-up lesson will be given at a mutually convenient time.

For the student:

For student absences, make-up lessons are only given during Valdine’s regular teaching schedule.  If a parent/student cannot attend their lesson, please:

  1. Notify Valdine ASAP of a future absence via email or text.  You are volunteering your lesson time-slot for another student to get a make-up lesson. (You may also arrange an exchange directly with other students). If there is an open spot that week, I will offer it to you.  If not, you can pick up a missed lesson at any time by responding to my “open slot” emails.
  2. Valdine will email the studio – any student can pick up that open lesson time simply by responding ASAP.  First come first served!

Picking up missed lessons can occur in any term, not just the term when the lesson is missed.

I can also do (google) FaceTime lessons for sibling sickness or transportation/weather issues.