Missed Lessons Policy:

For the Teacher:

If the teacher becomes ill or cancels due to extenuating circumstances, a make-up
lesson will be given at a mutually convenient time.

For the Student:

For student absences, make-up lessons are only given during vacancies in Valdine’s
regular teaching schedule. If a parent/student cannot attend their lesson, please:

  1. Notify Valdine ASAP of a future absence via email or text.
  2. A Zoom, FaceTime or Skype lesson will occur if the absence is due to mild/family member illness, weather, or transport problem.
  3. For lessons missed due to vacations or activity/appointment conflicts- if there is an open slot that week, it will be offered it to you.
  4. If Zoom/FaceTime/Skype or an alternate slot is not available, Valdine will send out an email to the studio that your slot is open. You may pick up missed lesson(s) at any time by responding to “open slot” emails when another student cancels.

Picking up missed lessons can occur in any term, not just the term when the lesson is missed.

This policy is in place to minimize office hours of tracking attendance and rearranging schedules,
keeping tuition rates lower. Make-up lessons are not guaranteed, and no refunds, credits, or extra
lessons are given for student absences.