Oregon ASTA is delighted to present a series of presentations about the solo violin and cello music of Johann Sebastian Bach. Violinist Tomas Cotik’s class is open to string players of all stringed instruments as it addresses general issues of Bach interpretation. Violist Arnaud Ghillebaert and Cellist Valdine Mishkin each held a one hour class focusing on the cello suites. 

Bach suites are an essential part of the 21st century cellist repertoire. Most college auditions and professional auditions require Bach suite movements to be performed. Yet the demands of this repertoire can make it challenging for students to approach it. This session is intended for high school and college students, from complete Bach beginners to more advanced players, and hopes to provide simple tools to decipher their Bach suite movements. How do you first approach a Bach Suite if you’ve never played one? What is the role of a prelude? What are the characteristics of each dance? How can structure, harmony, cadences help in making interpretative choices? How does one choose their edition? How does one practice 3 or 4 string chords?

To learn more about ASTA’s Masterclass Series, visit their website: orasta.org