Tuition and Fees


Tuition for each term (roughly 4 months per term) includes 13 weekly private lessons, Suzuki group class or cello ensemble class, monthly studio performance class, and a recital.

Tuition Per Term:

Suzuki Cello Method used for young beginners (aged 3-6), mixed Suzuki and traditional methods for older beginners, college preparatory style used for advanced students.

  • Pre-Twinkle: (age 2-4) Early childhood small group class. $300
  • Pre-Twinkle: 20 min private lessons / 30 min shared + EC group: $600
  • Book 1: 30 minute lessons lessons + plus group class $700
  • Book 2 & 3: 45 minute lessons + plus group class $925
  • Book 3 & 4: enrolled in orchestra: (group class exempt): 45 min lessons $825
  • Book 5 and up: enrolled in orchestra: 60 min $1050, 75 min $1300.

* Intermediate-Advanced cello students enrolled in an orchestra program (PYP, MYS, OPAYCO, certain school programs) may be exempt from Cello Group Class or Cello Ensemble Class


Fees are due in full for each new term.

  • August 15th (Fall)
  • December 1st (Winter)
  • April 1st (Spring)

Please speak to Valdine for personal payment arrangements if you need them. If you terminate your lessons partially through the term, you are still responsible to complete your payment for the entire term- there are no refunds for mid-term withdrawal.   No discounts or refunds are given for missed lessons/group classes/studio classes/recitals.